Monday, January 21, 2008

I Still Hereā€¦

I am very sorry for not posting for so long. Much has happened since the last post.

Step mom: My step mom got very ill just before Thanksgiving. She had pneumonia and MRSA in the lungs and blood stream. She never came out of it. We got the phone call about two weeks ago that her lungs were no longer functioning. The doctors kept her on the ventilator until her daughters could get to Redding, CA. (one lives over 1000 miles away). With her daughters (and their husbands), my dad and one of my brothers they took her off the ventilator. That was a week ago yesterday. We went down to California for the memorial service.

Daughter: Missionary daughter has been at home. She has been accepted to go on another short-term mission. It is with the same mission agency (that will remain nameless, as per their request). Here is the information we can give out:

  • She will be in a Muslim country.
  • North Africa.
  • In the Sahara Desert.
  • In a refugee camp.

She leaves in a couple of weeks. So, we are in hurry up mode trying to get her ready to go.

Thanks for all of your prayers.

Things are beginning to settle down. It is time to start blogging again.

Pastor Lance