Tuesday, December 09, 2008

“Out of the box” thinking needed—part 2.

A few more dahlia pics before getting to the blog. These dahlias are from my 2008 garden. The dahlias in the order they appear are: Mingus Tony, Miss Rose Fletcher, Ms Kennedy and Nanna’s Kiss. Check out my dahlia web site (The Dahlia Guy) for the complete set of photos and more dahlia information.

After taking some time off for the Thanksgiving holiday---I’m back!

“Lance’s Lectern” is my column in our church’s monthly newsletter. My December column was very different than a “typical” December column. Yes, I did comment on Advent and Christmas. Yet, the bulk of the column was about the current economic crisis in America (and the world). It has been said that “the cream rises to the top.” Now is the time for Christ’s followers (and the church) to step up and make a difference.

What can Christ’s followers and his church be doing to assist the folks in our communities that are hurting. “Out-of-the-box” thinking is encouraged! This is a time for brainstorming—no negative comments about suggestions will be tolerated! (Note: I know that people all around the world need assistance—right now I am just focusing on our neighbors.)

Idea #2—Free lunches for seniors two or three times a week. Children from lower income families receive free or reduced lunches and breakfasts at school. There is no senior center (or any other organization) offering free lunches for seniors. You may ask, “Why free lunches?” or, “Why for seniors?” Many seniors are on fixed incomes. Many others have had their retirement accounts decimated in the past few months. Senior are being faced with buying food or paying for heat. Offering free lunches for seniors will address both of these needs—food and heat!

What are your ideas?


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