Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The church has left the building – Part 3

Faith in Action: Be the Church is a four week series that concentrates the congregation’s focus on outreach. All areas of the church’s life will be on the same page during the four-week program.

Faith in Action is designed to: (from their web site)

  • Transform your congregation with an outward focus for their faith
  • Infuse your church with a passion for service
  • Bring your congregation closer together with an inspirational project
  • Raise the spiritual temperature of your members
  • Enhance your church's credibility and outreach effectiveness within the community
  • Educate your congregation about local, national and global needs
  • Make a clear difference in your community and your world
  • Reach others for Christ
  • Do the right thing as your church serves God by serving others

Aspects of Faith in Action are:

  • 28 daily devotion
  • 4 weeks of small groups
  • 4 sermons and worship services
  • 1 week of cancelled worship services; replaced by a weekend of service projects.

Evergreens plans for Faith in Action:

Our fall kickoff is always the Sunday following Labor Day. The choir sings an anthem after taking the summer off. Food is a part of our celebration—either a BBQ or a potluck. It is a time for catching up with folks who have been way for vacations, camps, etc. This year our fall kick off is on September 8 & 9.

Evergreen’s kick off for Faith in Action (FIA)will be the weekend of September 15 & 16. Our small groups and classes for Faith in Action will begin the week following the FIA kickoff. We will be using FIA as the spring board for starting our small groups for the fall. Our goal is to have 80% of our worshipping attendance in small groups for the four weeks. Some groups may desire to continue at the end of the project. Church on October 20 & 21 will be cancelled for service projects. The World Vision web site has 50 ideas for service projects. Check them out!

Our five ministry areas will all be involved in FIA. They will be involved in the following ways:

Worship: Four worship services will be focused on FIA. FIA banners will be purchased in be in the front of the sanctuary. We will (hopefully) have “interviews” (some call them “Moments for Mission”) during our services with people who are involved in outreach and community service.

Fellowship: There will be special gatherings to build up momentum for the project and for the project kick off.

Discipleship: Small groups will be formed and all classes and small groups will be involved in the FIA Bible Study.

Ministry: All regular support structures of our church will be geared up to help coordinate and carry out the project. One elder has been selected to help oversee this entire area.

Mission: Our mission team will be selecting the service projects that we will be involved in. The mission team will also oversee an advertising campaign asking people NOT to come to church on October 20 & 21 because the church will be closed as we serve the community. Outreach.com has a mailing that we will probably use for this effort. The mission team will also have articles in the local newspapers.

Check back tomorrow for more on Faith in Action.