Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Biiible – What are your preferences?

When it comes to technology I believe that there are three kinds of people: users, true tech lovers and those who refuse to use today’s technology. Oh, that if only I was a true tech lover! It is much easier for me to learn how to use technology by having someone show me how to use it! Forrest, my son, was the one I would call for burning a cd or setting up my I-Tunes play list. Glenn is the person I call to find out about the latest web sites, blogging and wikis (he just showed me some new stuff that I will write on next week). Brenda, my wife, is who a check with to find where our trip pictures are stored on the web. Do you get the picture? I am a user of technology. is very user-friendly (even for me). The “preferences” are quite helpful. This site is set up to use many of the Google search functions—I did not know how to use most of the Google search functions! Learning about the “not” word (-) search was great. I can see many possible applications for this type of search. It will be fun to see how many other Google search functions will work.

Cross-referencing has finally hit the web! Due to weight constraints I can only carry so many Bibles with me. My “study” Bible stays on my desk. The parallel Bible I carry with me does not have cross-references. This has been one disadvantage of using my “office-away-from-the-office.” Biiible has made cross-referencing very easy to use. Praise God! Just click on the link to the cross-referenced verse and it takes you to that verse.

STOP THE PRESSES! I just found out that the various versions of the Bible can be downloaded as a Word document. This is great news! This means the user can “copy” and “paste” texts. This will make it much easier to create PowerPoint slides.

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