Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Delicious Pastor Lance

I am tall (almost 6’ 5”), 30 pounds over weight and my moustache has too much gray in it. Even with all of my imperfections I am still delicious. Wait a minute… I doubt if my wife would even say that I am delicious!

You can be delicious—like me!

I was recently introduced to a web site--http://del.icio.us. I have a del.icio.us account—thus, I am delicious! The del.icio.us web site allows the user to have their bookmarks on the web instead of on their computer.

There are many practical reasons for placing your/my bookmarks on the web. First, most people have access to more than one computer. Isn’t it frustrating to have a bookmark on the home computer and not on the computer at the office? A person has to waste a lot of time trying to remember (or find) those sites all over again.

A second reason to have bookmarks on the web is that they can be shared. I am teaching a class at our church called Interpreting the Bible Faithfully. Several people asked me what web sites I have used to assist me in preparation for the class. I now bookmark each of the sites on my del.icio.us account. Anyone in the class can view these bookmarks and go to the sites. You can use your aggregator (like bloglines.com) to let you know whenever I post a new link to my del.icio.us account! Thus, people can be better prepared for my classes and sermons!

A third reason is that other people can save bookmarks for me. I am still not too familiar with this aspect of del.icio.us. I will be learning more about it in the coming weeks.

A fourth reason is that I can search tags that other people have made on specific topics.

I have just started posting to my del.icio.us account. I have posted the links for last week’s class and I have started posting the links for this week’s class and my sermon for this week. Check it out at: http://del.icio.us/PastorLance.


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