Thursday, April 05, 2007

His Final Week on Earth – Passover Seder

Holy Week is here. We need to focus on the final week of Jesus’ life as we prepare for Easter.

Here at Evergreen we have been celebrating the Passover Seder meal for about six years. More and more Christian churches celebrate the Seder meal. The meal and ritual help connect us with our Lord and Savior, Jesus. Jesus would have celebrated the Seder every Passover of his life. As a child he would have participated in the game of looking for leaven bread that had been hidden around the house. It was fitting that his last meal on earth was the Seder.

We need to remember the first Passover. It has a horrible night in Egypt for everyone except the Israelites. Death. Weeping. Anguish. God spared the Israelites who had killed the lambs at twilight and placed its blood on the top and sides of the doors of their homes. Deliverance from Egypt resulted from that night. God demonstrated his power—for death and deliverance.

Cheap grace is what too many Americans experience. We do not like to focus on the horrible price of our deliverance. Our Passover lamb was slain on a cross along a Jerusalem road. Theologically speaking, every one of us had a hand in killing our Passover lamb. My sins (and your sins) were the cause of the nails/spikes that held Jesus to the cross. Our new life and freedom were VERY costly! Tonight our congregation will be reminded of the cost of our new life in Christ.

I am very fortunate that one of my good friends is the pastor of a Messianic congregation. Brent has been to our church to lead the Seder a couple of times. The Haggadah Shel Pesach we use is the one used by Brent’s church. I am fairly confident that he would be willing to provide one to all of my readers who would want one. Just post a address on the comment section of the blog indicating that you would like a copy.


At 11:06 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can Brent Email it?

At 11:19 AM , Blogger Pastor Lance said...

Hi Jack,
I'm not going to bother Brent with e-mailing it. I will do it next week. I will probably send it as a PDF file. Hope to see you tonight and Easter.



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