Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Constant Companion

Each day we were in court there were the regular folks in attendance: judge, judge’s court staff, prosecutor, defendant, defense attorney, jury members and an armed Pierce County Sheriff’s Deputy. The deputy would sit “near” the defendant. We (the jury) would never see the defendant enter or leave the courtroom—he was always there when we entered the courtroom. The defendant was always dressed in nice, casual clothes. But “he” was always there—the deputy.

As a jury we never talked about the deputy. We looked at the evidence and testimony that were presented in court. Those were the things on which we based our verdict. We did a good job of keeping to the task at hand.

But thinking back, the deputy was always there.

Satan never wants us to forget about our sin—our failures. He would love it if there was a constant reminder of each time that we fail God, and others. He wants to remind us that we are not perfect: we do that which we should not do, we do not do that which we should do, we think things that we should not think, etc. Satan is there to point out our sin.

Seeing the deputy could have reminded the defendant that he was charged with a crime in Washington State. Satan wants us to know that we have been charged with violating God’s laws. But there is a difference! Jesus Christ forgives the sins of those who confess their sins, giving their lives to Christ and his service. God has forgiven us! Yet, Satan will still try to remind us of our failures. We MUST learn to recognize Satan’s tactics and ignore them. We need to live as those who have been set free—we have new life! Praise God!


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