Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Moving Beyond Staying—Purpose Driven!

It’s easy to be critical of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). Let’s face it; there are many things that are “out of whack” in our denomination. Our GA Moderator and Stated Clerk have asked us to stay together as a denomination. “Staying” for the sake of staying doesn’t make sense. One reason for staying is the possibility of turning the PCUSA around. The Purpose Driven Presbyterians Network offers a model that can transform our churches and denomination.

Churches of most all denominations have looked at the Purpose Driven material and applied them to their own ministry situations. The five purposes (worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry & mission/evangelism) are biblical. The Purpose Driven Presbyterians have made it possible to learn from other Presbyterians who are implementing the Purpose Driven model of ministry.

The annual Purpose Driven Presbyterians gathering is April 25-27. Trinity Presbyterian Church, of Satellite Beach, Florida, will again be hosting the conference. This gathering will be beneficial for churches that are just exploring the Purpose Driven model. Two years ago I attended the conference. Evergreen had just completed the Forty Days of Purpose campaign. We had not committed to the Purpose Driven model at that time. The conference was pivotal in helping our church decide to become a Purpose Driven Presbyterian Church. The gathering will be beneficial to churches that have been using the Purpose Driven model. We will be able to learn from other churches that are walking the same Purpose Driven path.

Becoming a Purpose Driven Presbyterian Church has been very beneficial to Evergreen Presbyterian Church. Choosing this model helped us look at what we believe as a church; it also helps newcomers know what Evergreen Presbyterian Church believes and stands for. One struggle in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is that our churches span the theological spectrum—no two churches are alike. When a visitor walks through the doors of a Presbyterian Church they have no idea of what they are walking into—the church could be conservative/evangelical, liberal/progressive, liturgical, contemporary or charismatic. We are now very purposeful in what we do in all aspects of the churches life. Newcomers know what we are, what we believe and what is expected of members. Becoming Purpose Driven revitalized our church!

Now is the time to prayerfully consider going to the annual gathering of the Purpose Driven Presbyterians Network. Their brochure is available online. I believe that one source of hope for the PCUSA’s future is the Purpose Driven Presbyterians Network.


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