Monday, January 29, 2007

TLC – The Health Commitment

Total Life Commitment requires a commitment to improved health.

Scripture talks about the fact that our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. My body is the temple of the Holy Spirit?!? Oh my gosh! One look in the mirror and I see that the “house of God” that is my body needs renovation—an extreme makeover! My guess is that I am not alone. It is time to think about making a health commitment for 2007.

We might be the most out of shape, over weight country in the history of the planet earth. Many Presbyterians are concerned about the health of our plant but ignore the ecosystem that closest to us—our bodies. We pollute that ecosystem every day. We eat what we should not eat. We drink what we should not drink. We sit on our butts when we should be out getting some exercise.

Now is the time for age-appropriate exercise. Three days each week we have a senior’s exercise group that meets at the church. They use our projection system in the sanctuary for their exercise videos—from the National Institute on Aging and Group Health. One man who attends is 96 years old and is brought to the group by his care giver. Several people at the church have joined local gyms—my wife and I have joined the YMCA. We may be out of shape but we are planning on doing something about it!

See your doctor—get a physical. Preventative health care is the best health care. Make a commitment to see your doctor in 2007 for a complete check up.

Make a commitment to better health in 2007.


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