Thursday, July 20, 2006

New Wineskins Report 3 - Thursday Morning/early Afternoon

The theme of morning worship that God is doing a new thing in his church around the world à a global realignment. The text of Ephesians 4:1-13 was used. There is one church and that church is not a particular denomination! We are in a “season of humiliation” in the PCUSA. This is because we have failed the world-wide body of Christ. We have walked away for our commitment to the Great Commission. Due to this failure God has lifted up the church in other parts of the world. They are now leading and praying that the PCUSA (and other western denominations) would reclaim their biblical roots and follow God’s word.

Robert Gagnon gave a GREAT presentation on the recent General Assembly. His presentation (verbal and PowerPoint) were powerful and will be made available. I will share these with those of you who would like them. He urged NWI to stay in the denomination until the GAPJC hears a case involving the new AI. He guesses that it will take a year, two at the most, for this to happen. He does not hold out much hope that they will say that G6.0106B is an “essential” that must be followed.

The remainder of the morning and first half of the afternoon were on “networking.” The backbone of the NWI is going to be networks. We met in regional gatherings to set the foundations for the formation of those networks. I was in the Washington/Oregon group. My sense I that EVERYONE there was ready to leave the PCUSA (if certain/different situations could be achieved). Several churches are having a hard time keeping members since the approval of the PUP report. A formalized Washington network could be established as soon as noon tomorrow.