Monday, July 17, 2006

New Wineskins Questions

Tomorrow it is “wheels up” for Tulsa and the New Wineskins gathering.

I NEED YOUR HELP!! What information would you like to have concerning the New Wineskins meeting? What kind of “Reformed” questions do you have? What kind of “biblical” questions do you have? What kind of “essentials” questions do you have?

Here is the schedule:


1:30 pm – 4:30 pm -- workshop on “Understanding New Wineskins.”

7:10 pm – Worship

8:50 pm—“Why We are Here” – Dean Weaver


8:30 am—Worship

9:25 am—Networking

11:00am—“On the 217th General Assembly” – Robert Gagnon

1:00—Regional Network meetings

4:00 pm—“Making Ethical Decisions in Matters of Conscience” and “Church Property Law: Trust and Ownership Issues”

7:30 pm—Worship


8:30 am—Worship

10:20 am—Equipping Workshops

2:20 pm—Plenary Address by Bishop Robert Duncan – Anglican Communion Network.

I will try to get answers for all of your questions. My plan is give an update each day of the gathering. The posts will probably be late in the evening Tulsa time.


At 6:38 AM , Blogger Quotidian Grace said...

I read the Wineskins original documents and I've never understood the kind of church and denominational organization they are favoring. I realize that this is something of a work in progress, but would appreciate any information you pick up about that.

At 7:55 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here are my concerns and questions for these brothers and sisters in the NWI:

What do they mean by 'broadly evangelical'? Why not say 'truly Reformed'?

What the heck is 'broad' and what the heck is 'evangelical'?

Why not return to Westminster and the Doctrines of Grace?

How will they ensure a future free of encroaching liberalism without a clear and unequivocal statement of the Reformed faith, based on the confessions of the Reformation?

Have they heard of O'Sullivan's Law:
"Any organization that is not explicitly conservative will, over time, become liberal."

What seminaries will they use to guard futrure generations of pastors?

At 12:14 PM , Blogger Backwoods Presbyterian said...

I would like to know three things:

1) A report on what my professor Dr. Gagnon has to say.

2) An idea as to the "real" message of New Wineskins to the greater church.

3) What makes NWI different from other "Renewal Groups"?

At 3:00 PM , Anonymous will spotts said...

I agree with Classical Presbyterian. I'd like a clearer distinction between "Reformed", "Presbyterian", and "broadly Evangelical". I think I understand their reticense to do this: the large majority in the PC(USA) seem to be far enough removed from "Reformed" (Calvinist) and historic "Presbyterian" (Westminster) that perhaps these are seen as unrealistic goals. But I'd appreciate knowing more fully what they have in mind.

The question of seminaries is also a large one. Many of the fads we've faced in the PC(USA) (usually unsuccessfully) have come directly from the quirks of one or another of our seminaries. A great number of conservative pastors I know come out of seminary essentially persuaded to the prevailing views of that institution - though they are not immediately aware of it. Over time, their views tend to change as they read the Bible and experience a different working reality than they were taught.

Also, does NWI have any mechanism to prevent it from just following 5 years behind the PC(USA)?

At 3:07 PM , Blogger Pastor Lance said...

Great questions!! Will try to get answers to as many of them as I can.

At 1:13 PM , Anonymous Larry said...

I generally like the plans put forth by New Wineskins. It is easy to create plans. The job is making the plans happen.

My question is: How will NWI make their plans happen?


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