Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Church Options - Day 4

The fourth option for a church that has EXTREME differences with the PCUSA is to leave the denomination and join something new and fresh. It is possible that one or more new “denominations” will form in the wake of the 2006 General Assembly. It is possible that the Confessing or New Wineskins churches form a new denomination. Neither are talking about “leaving.”

The New Wineskins has the “potential” of being a successful denomination in a post-denominational era (see tomorrow’s post for a discussion on the post-denominatinoal age). They are proposing a very “loose” structure that can quickly adapt to the changing church climate of today. They have a strong list of essential beliefs. Each church will send representatives to the “national” meeting. Churches are encouraged to form partnerships for shared ministry and mission. There would be a STRONG emphasis on the local congregation as the front-line of ministry.

There would be two major drawbacks to moving from the PCUSA to a New Wineskins-type of denomination. First, the formational stages of a new denomination will be challenging and time demanding. It will take several years to work out the kinks. The second drawback is that there will be a limited number of churches in the “new denomination.” I am confident that more would eventually join.

The New Wineskins national gathering is scheduled for July 19-22 in Tulsa. I plan on attending this event even though our church is not a “voting member.” I hope to gain first-hand information on this blossoming ministry. Will it become the “biblical” Presbyterian Church that surfaces following the 2006 General Assembly? Only time will tell.


At 12:20 PM , Blogger Classical Presbyterian said...

I will look forward to your posts from this important meeting.

Please watch and let me know how really Reformed this group is. I have my doubts. By this I mean, will they take the necessary steps to bring us into a future that will safeguard the truths of the Reformation for future generations?

Currently, I see little that is truly Reformed in the NWI language and doctrine.

For me and many others, just taking out that silly phrase about wanting to be 'broadly evangelical' would be a great start! How about being 'truly Reformed'? How about returning us to ONE confession that all of us can understand? How about clarifying what Calvin and Knox really stood for?

These are just some of my questions and concerns. I will not jump out of this PCUSA frying pan and end up in a 'braoadly evangelical' fire!

Thanks for your work and I will keep reading here.


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