Monday, June 26, 2006

Sick to My Stomach

My e-mail inbox holds a letter from the new GA moderator and the GA stated clerk. I opened it with interest yesterday morning. What I read surprised and sickened me. I expected them to put a positive spin on the Assembly meeting—that is part of their job. It started with the normal spin of how the Assembly meet was uplifting and meaningful. Then they launched in on the “three particular decisions that made immediate headlines.” Their coverage of the PUP report was most surprising. There was no mention of “scruples.” There was no mention that ordaining bodies can declare that a denominational requirement ruled as a non-essential part of Reformed theology. There was no mention of the turmoil that the PUP report is having. It reminds me of the Emperor who had no clothes. It was obvious that the emperor had no clothes on, but people were afraid to say anything. Our GA Moderator and Stated Clerk seem to refuse to recognize the obvious. The PCUSA is at its most precarious moment in my lifetime and our highest elected officers go on as if it is business as usual.


At 5:29 AM , Blogger islandpreacha said...

Lance - I didn't have a lot of confidence in that letter either. Our presbytery communication lady sent it out to all the churches on Sat with the instruction to "Read It" in church worship on Sun. I first heard from my clerk of session -- He didn't think we should read it. Not only was it too long but we both felt that it was misleading. Apparently I was one of two pastors in our presbytery who replied to the email indicating we were not sold on this bill of goods. I wonder how many congregations read it and how others shared about GA in worship. I was really torn about how much worship time to take up on GA and chose to take up less rather than more. I think these issues are best dealt with in a more dialogical setting -- open forum dinner, etc. wo we will do that next month.

BTW - for now I hope you stick it out in your congregation -- I don't think a quick jump ship is the best first move.


At 7:22 AM , Blogger Pastor Lance said...

I did not mention the “letter” in worship on Saturday or Sunday. A few years ago I was taking a class to improve my preaching skills at th FUQUA School of Preaching. Bruce Larson (the former senior pastor at University Presbyterian Church in Seattle) was one of the guest instructors. Bruce encouraged us to preach Christ and Christ crucified. He felt that the pulpit wasn’t the place for politics. It was so rejuvenating to be in the presence of God without thinking about the PCUSA!


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