Friday, June 16, 2006

Male Humility and Strength

Men need to adapt whatever prayer postures they feel comfortable with. The predominant model today is hands folded, head bowed, eyes closed. This is a picture of meekness and passivity. I’m told this, too, is a product of the Victorian era. Before that time Christians prayed with outstretched hands, palms up, face up to God with eyes open! I’ve begun praying this way, and it has revolutionized my communication with God. It just feels more masculine. I feel more like a soldier communicating with my commanding officer.”

David Murrow, “Why Men Hate Going to Church,” page 192.

The words strong and strength appear 561 times in the New King James Version, while weak and weakness show up just 83 times. We need to acknowledge our weakness in relation to god’s strength, but we do not need to obsess on it. It’s far more effective to speak of strength when teaching men.”

David Murrow, “Why Men Hate Going to Church,” page 180.

Jesus wasn’t meek. He “took on” the church leadership. He confronted his disciples. Jesus was strong. King David was strong. The Apostle Peter was strong. The Apostle Paul was strong. They were strong in the eyes of the “people”—they were humble in their relationship with God. Men need to learn to be humble before God. Men also need to have confidence that God has gifted them for ministry and that God is using them to build up his eternal kingdom.

Men will not follow a weak leader. The church needs to show them the strong side of God, Jesus and the Apostles. Let men see the strong male leadership of the Reformation and the Great Awakenings. There is a place for men in the church. This does not mean that women have to be put down. Rather, just the opposite! God wants men and women to reach their potential in life and ministry.

Prayer is about humility and strength. Men are not afraid of being humble before God. Men know what it means to follow a strong leader. They know what it is like to be empowered by a strong leader. Men are willing to follow a strong leader into a battle against overpowering odds. Prayer is where they connect with their God—their leader. It is where they receive their strength. Think for a moment about professional football. The coach of the Seattle Seahawks is a STRONG leader. The team members know who is in charge. For a couple of years the current quarterback butted heads with coach—the quarterback thought he know what was best for the team. When Hasselbeck was willing to submit to the coach’s authority the team (and the quarterback) blossomed. They are now a powerful force. Men need to come under the authority of God. When they do, they become a powerful force. Prayer brings about that humility and strength.

Our churches need humble men. Our churches need strong men.


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