Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Need for Rest and Refreshment

I believe that most pastors and church leaders “burn the candle at both ends.” They have a passion for the church and Christ’s Kingdom. The “work” will not be done until Christ returns. There are sermons to write, classes to be taught, the elderly & shut-ins to be visited, hospitals calls to be made, grieving families to minister to, etc.

This year I will commit the almost unforgivable sin—I will not go to the Presbyterian Women’s luncheon as it is on my day off. The luncheon is always held at a restraint. One year it was a fifty-minute drive from my house (one way) and on my day off. Once, they had their dinner on a Thursday so as not to impact my day off. Not this year.

This brings up the topic of boundaries. Pastors need to be better at setting appropriate boundaries as it relates to their time. These boundaries need to be communicated to the church family. Most people will respect these boundaries. A few won’t! They will need to be dealt with in a loving and pastoral way.

I am ALWAYS available when there are serious emergencies. Even on my “day off.” On countless days off I have been at the hospital with someone having a health crisis. I have sat with families in grief in jeans and a grubby shirt as I hurriedly left the “day off” yard work.

If I chose to work on my day off, that’s my choice. I just need to be better is setting “day off” boundaries.


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