Tuesday, June 20, 2006

What Now?

There are defining moments in every person’s life. Some remember where they were when JFK and Martin Luther King, Jr. were assassinated. Others remember where they were when the Berlin Wall was torn down. Others remember landing on the shores of Normandy. I will always remember where I was at 2:17 pm Pacific Time on June 20th. I was sitting in my office watching the General Assembly meeting on the web. I watched the debates on parts 5 – 7 of the PUP report, the attempt to refer the report back to committee and the final vote on the PUP report. I sat in my office knowing that the PCUSA would be forever changed.

Some people will celebrate today as the day social justice triumphed. Others will say that it was the day that the Bible was placed on the bookshelf to be replace by societal pressures.

What will happen in the PCUSA? No one knows for sure. What will happen in my Presbytery? Again, no one knows for sure. What will happen in my church? It could have a SERIOUS impact on Evergreen Presbyterian Church. Several members have indicated that they would leave the church if the PUP report passed. I realize that people come and go from churches all the time. Will this time be any different?

One day we will stand before Jesus and have to give account of what we did on this earth. As leaders (teachers) we will be judged more strictly than those who merely attend church (James 3:1). What will Jesus have to say about today and how we respond to it? If the PCUSA did the right thing – praise God. If the PCUSA did the wrong thing – heaven help us.


At 12:21 AM , Anonymous tonyc said...

It is a sad day, especially for all the confusion and contention that may result. But let's read the language very, very carefully, especially in recognition of the thorough defeat of any and all efforts to modify or delete Amendment B. Our constitutional standards are still intact, and the Sessions and Presbyteries are instructed to apply them.

At 6:38 AM , Anonymous Jon said...

The PCUSA as an institution will continue for quite awhile. On the other hand, the PCUSA as a church is continuing her steady march to conform herself to this world. The PCUSA is basically following the Episcopal Church USA, it is just 10-15 years behind.


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