Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Holy Week (Monday) – Church Preparation

Easter is almost here. The day that changed all of eternity will soon be here. The good news of the resurrection transforms lives. People can experience a relationship with God because of our Lord Jesus.

Challenge: Every church is surrounded by multitudes who are not Christ-followers ( I heard Bill Hybels use this instead of “Christian.” “Christian” in our culture has basically no set meaning.) . They will have a crisis in eternity if their life does not change directions. So… what are you and I going to do about it?

This week I am challenging you and ME to take a fresh new look at the Easter celebration we will be having in our churches.

Researchers have said that a visitor to a church makes their initial decision on whether to return to the church within the first few minutes of their arrival on the church property. This is before the message and possibly before the service begins! Now ask yourself, “If I were a visitor, why should I go back to this church based on my initial contact with it?” Are the building and grounds well kept? Did I have to walk from the farthest part of the parking lot? Were there people to welcome me that were genuinely interested in seeing me? Or, did they greet me and then return to their conversations with people? The questions should go on and on and on…

I would love to hear your suggestions on what your church (or you) are doing to enhance the initial experience of Easter Sunday visitors.


At 5:46 PM , Blogger hipastorzwife2B said...

What a good point.
I was away on business a few months ago and worshipped at a church in that city. Their bulletin mentioned what a welcoming place they were. Loved the service and went down the hall to Fellowship-time and helped myself to a cookie. And no one spoke to me...the entire time I was there. I almost wrote a note to the pastor...maybe I should have.
Someone recently told me about sitting down in a new church and having a member ask them to leave "their" row.
Sometimes we are asking people to leave, not to stay.


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