Friday, March 31, 2006


Mission is the one area where the Purpose Driven Presbyterians Network had to do some major “tweaking” of the original stuff from Saddleback. A common view in Southern Baptist circles is that “mission” always involves an outward sharing of the good news of Jesus Christ. This is definitely an important aspect of mission—I would argue the most important. However, there are other aspects to mission (hurricane relief, Habitat for Humanity, working in developing nations to improve all qualities of life, etc.). The “network” has developed a more comprehensive view of mission.

Two aspects of mission are emphasized in our Purpose Driven model. First, we will encourage all of our small groups to participate in some sort of mission project every year. The small group could choose to work at a soup kitchen, visit a nursing home, work on a Habitat for Humanity house, do yard work for an elderly person, etc. The church will also have ongoing mission efforts that individuals can participate in. Here at Evergreen, we have formed a “sister church” relationship with Kake Memorial Presbyterian Church, Kake, Alaska. Kake is a small Alaskan Native village in Southeast Alaska. The village is experiencing a very rough time in its history. Two main employers have ceased operations in Kake. Most men and women in the 20 – 60 years of age neighborhood have had to leave the village to find work. Many of the kids have stayed behind with grandparents. Difficult times in Kake mean difficult times at its churches. Our partnership will be beneficial to both churches. We will send groups up to assist them with Vacation Bible School, work on the building and grounds, additional $$ to help support their ministry and other projects as needed. They will send individuals and groups down to our church to teach Native bead work and culture and their youth group will stay with us as they travel on their mission projects. This initiative will provide opportunities for our folks to be involved in a mission experience.

A second emphasis of the Purpose Driven model is covered in the 401 seminar. People will be taught how to share their faith and lead another person to a life-changing commitment to Jesus Christ. This is a powerful seminar. There is nothing that is as exciting as praying with someone to receive Jesus Christ! As I write this I am sitting in a house with our realtor, while the house is being inspected. Janet (our realtor) is a Deacon at Evergreen. Several years ago it was my privilege to pray with her as she rededicated her life to Christ. This type of experience should not be reserved for just pastors! The 401 seminar equips all of the participants to share their faith.


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