Thursday, March 30, 2006


Almost ten years ago there was a “Meet the Candidate” question and answer time as I was in the process of being call as Pastor here at Evergreen. Near the end of the time a gentleman stood up to make a comment. He expressed his joy at the possibility of having the next pastor be firmly grounded in scripture. Later that evening I found out that he was currently serving as an Elder at the church. Imagine my surprise when at the first session meeting after being called as Pastor that this gentleman resigned from session. He loved the Lord; he loved the Evergreen. Yet, he felt as though he was a failure. He was the moderator of the Mission and Evangelism Committee. He loved mission and evangelism but was not really equipped to be the head of the committee. Thus, he resigned from session.

The Purpose Driven model has a focus on Ministry (the 301 seminar deals with the topic). The seminar will assist a person in discerning:

  1. their spiritual gift(s);
  2. passion for particular activities, subjects and circumstances—what tugs at their heart;
  3. the abilities God gave to the person apart from spiritual gifts;
  4. their personality—introvert or extrovert, whether the person thrives in routine or variety, etc.;
  5. their life experiences that have help mold them into the person they are today.

All of this information is prayerfully used to help direct a person to a ministry position to which they are best suited. They will be excited about he ministry because it is in an area that motivates and drives them.

The goal at Evergreen is that in two years a person will not serve in a leadership capacity in the church unless they have gone through 301. This way we know as best as humanly possible that a person in leadership is:

  1. a Christ-follower;
  2. having a regular time with God outside of Sunday or Saturday night worship;
  3. in a ministry area that best suits the person that God created them to be.


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