Saturday, July 12, 2008

Has the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) “jumped the shark?” Or, to put it another way, Was this past General Assembly the Assembly of Heresy? (Part ???)

More Light Presbyterians headline: “Kikuchi and Wiesner Wed at GA Dinner.” The article goes on to say that the two were married at the conclusion of the More Light Presbyterians Dinner at General Assembly on June 21. The marriage was legal in the State of California. Here are the problems:
  • More Light Presbyterians ARE PRESBYTERIANS and are suppose to live by denominational rules.
  • The PCUSA defines “marriage” as between one man and one woman—not between two people of the same gender.
  • The marriage was conducted by a Presbyterian pastor—who knew that she could be charged with an offence by the denomination.
  • The General Assembly meeting was just beginning—no action had been taken on Amendment B, on the attempt to redefine “marriage” or any new Authoritative Interpretation.

This marriage was an IN YOUR FACE to every Presbyterian. This marriage was an IN YOUR FACE to the delegates who had traveled from across the nation to debate issues. This marriage was an IN YOUR FACE to every Presbyterian who tries to do things by the rules.

So what was the result of this marriage? I can find no reference to the Assembly condemning this action—there is only silence.

The PCUSA as we know it is dead.


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