Thursday, June 28, 2007

Random Thoughts… (part 2)

We’ve been dealing with a pretty weighty topic—important, but weighty. It is time to shift gears for some lighter stuff. For the next day or two I will “spew out” some random thoughts about church, life, preaching, vacation, etc.

  • Breedlove guitars are the best bang for the buck in the guitar world. Breedlove guitars, of Bend, Oregon, have two lines of guitars. Their handmade guitars are crafted in Bend; their Atlas line is made overseas. Until about a year ago you could only find Breedlove guitars in high end guitar shops. When our son was graduating from high school we looked at almost every “good” guitar line. I could find very little difference in sound in their two lines. Breedlove has an excellent playing neck (like a Taylor) and it has an excellent low end (like a Martin). Check out the Breedlove guitars at Guitar Center or other guitar shops.
  • Beat the Texas heat by visiting Washington State. Today’s forecast high temperature is 73 degrees. Western Washington has no poisonous snakes! The mountains are beautiful. The sailing is fantastic.
  • A good church office manager is VERY valuable. The office manager needs to be: friendly and helpful on the phone, part counselor, part editor, part mind reader and protector of the pastor.
  • The Seattle Mariners swept a three game series against the Boston Red Sox—proof that there is a God!
  • A week from today I will be incommunicado—oops, I will be on Incommunicado. Incommunicado is a 38 ft. Lagoon sailing catamaran in Barecat’s charter fleet in the British Virgin Islands. It is my goal to NOT think about the PCUSA for the ten days I have the boat. My wife and I will be joined by two other couples. The first picture is Incommunicado. The second picture is our team (minus me --taking the photo) at Pirate's Cove in the BVI.
  • Having the flu sucks!! Last night was fever and chills. Today I feel like I have been run over by a truck. On top of that, I have a wedding rehearsal tonight at 6pm and the wedding tomorrow at 7 pm.
  • A good church choir is a blessing. Evergreen is a small church—but we have an excellent choir.
  • Applebee’s oriental chicken salad is as addictive as crack cocaine. Waitresses at our local Applebee’s call it “oriental crack salad.” Be sure to get extra dressing and roasted almonds!
  • Starbucks is going to rule the world. Their game plan is to open a Starbucks on every fourth block. Subtle messages on their cups will brain wash the caffeine crazed minds and Howard Schultz (CEO) will be elected as President of the USA, Russia, China and Pope. As the next Prime Minister of England (and Pope) he will convince the Arch Bishop of Canterbury to change the communion elements from bread and wine to Krispy Kreme Donuts and Starbucks coffee.

Enough random thoughts for now…


At 7:52 PM , Blogger Presbyterian Gal said...

10 days on a sailing Cat. I am so jealous. And wishing you a great holiday needlessly, because no doubt you'll have one.

and if Starbucks does take over, I hear they have great benefits and a good 401k plan.


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