Monday, June 25, 2007

You are going to think that we are crazy but…

“You are going to think that we are crazy but…” is the phrase that generally precedes a conversation regarding strange occurrences that a person is experiencing.

Last night was our third (and final) class on spiritual warfare. The class was offered because some of our folks had experienced a young man who they thought might be demon possessed. The class was just an introduction on the subject.

One of the newest couples at our church came to last night’s class—it was the first one that they attended. They stayed after class, wanting to talk—yet, hesitant to talk. Our conversation did not begin with the above quote because they knew that I would not think that they were crazy—after all, I had just explained how our church deals with demon possession/oppression. They took the next ten to fifteen minutes to explain what was happening on the ten acres that they own. It is quite common for people to see “ghosts” at certain places on the property. The previous owner of the property has admitted to them that the place is “haunted” (and no—that is not something that has to be disclosed by the owner as a part of the sale of a piece of property!). They have taken pictures of family members and one of the “ghosts” is in the photo. This couple was shocked to find a church that would even talk about the subject!

Question: what would you and your church do if a couple came to you with that story? Please post your answers on the comments section of the blog.

Tomorrow I will post what we are going to do.


At 1:39 PM , Blogger Benjamin P. Glaser said...

As someone who trusts in the reliability of verifiable ghost sightings (and who has seen one himself) I have studied much about the subject and believe the best thing to do is not to be afraid but trust in the power of Holy Spirit to protect you from the active involvement of Satanic forces in your life.


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