Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Presbyterian Panel – The Third Time is a Charm.

The May 2006 Presbyterian Panel Survey also included some questions to which the person surveyed was to respond “Strongly favor,” “Favor,” “Neutral or Not Sure,” “Oppose,” or “Strongly Oppose.” Here are the questions.

“In overtures to this year’s General Assembly meeting, some presbyteries have called for eliminating this section altogether. What is your opinion?” (Note: Just before this question is a quote of G 6.0106b – known as the “chastity and fidelity” section or “Amendment B.” The question was referring to this section of The Book of Order.)

“Some Presbyterians think it would reduce conflict in the church if ministers and congregations could choose their presbyteries without geographic limits. A congregation could switch presbyteries if two-thirds of those attending a congregational meeting wanted to switch, and if a majority of the new presbytery voted to accept the congregation. What is your opinion?”

“Some Presbyterians think that the church’s constitution should specify the essential tenets of the Reformed faith, rather than leaving it up to ordaining bodies to discern them on a case-by-case basis. What is your opinion on this idea?”

What do you think about these questions on the May 2006 Presbyterian Panel Survey?


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