Monday, April 17, 2006

The Post Easter Let-Down or “Am I Elijah?”

Elijah had a powerful encounter with God on Mt. Carmel. God demonstrated his supreme authority and power—no god is before him. A small threat from Jezebel sent him running. Was he afraid? Was he overwhelmed? What was up?

Today I fell a little like Elijah. It is the let down that I can experience after a mountain-top experience with God. Am I the only one that experiences it?

Here is sit… a new Purpose Driven class is starting on Sunday (I’m teaching it and not as prepared as I should be; a new, post-Easter sermon series starts this weekend; two people in the church have cancer; I am attending a funeral an hour-and-a-half away this afternoon… the grind goes on. I know, ministry isn’t a “grind.” But on a day like today…


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