Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Holy Week—That We Would Be Like Andrew.

Andrew was the disciple that liked to bring people to Jesus. In John 12 we read of the time when Phillip was approached by some “Greeks” who wanted to see Jesus. For some reason Phillip wasn’t comfortable with taking them to Jesus. Strange?

Why would someone who had been with Jesus for three years be hesitant to take someone to Jesus? The obvious answer would center around their being “Greek.” These people were Gentiles—unclean, unholy. Phillip may have been concerned with accidentally causing Jesus to be ritualistically unclean. It could be that Phillip didn’t feel close enough to Jesus to bring the strangers to him. Whatever the reason, Phillip was hesitant to take the people to Jesus—even though they WANTED to see Jesus.

How many times have we been like Phillip? Are we hesitant to take people to see Jesus?

Andrew took those “Greeks” and Phillip to see Jesus. Andrew was a conduit to Christ.

Easter is almost upon us. People who don’t regularly attend church are thinking of attending on Easter Sunday. Who will invite them? Who will bring them to Jesus? Oh that we would be like Andrew.


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