Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I’m Back!

In the words of the crazy pilot from the movie Independence Day… I’m back!


  1. My step-mother is doing much better. She had severe pneumonia and MRSA in her lungs and blood stream. She has been transferred from the hospital to a rehab center. She still has tubes going into her lungs so she cannot speak. She does recognize people and remembers events from the past.
  2. My dad is doing some what better. He has major problems with his legs. Dad’s circulation is horrible due to his diabetes and being 100+ pounds over weight. His legs weep fluid because his bloodstream is unable to remove it from his legs. He also has MRSA on one leg and on his rear. He is a stubborn old guy and has refused to go into assisted living to get his legs healed. Still, he is doing somewhat better.
  3. The wife and I had a great trip to New York City for our 25th anniversary. It is a great place to visit but you couldn’t pay me enough to live there! We saw the play Curtains—it was fabulous.

I finally feel that I can begin to prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

I have been finalizing the four distinctly different worship experiences that Evergreen Presbyterian Church will have this weekend. Working on these worship services has done wonders for my heart.

I hope that each of you is having the opportunity to prepare to celebrate the birth of Christ.


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