Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Basket Update

At Thanksgiving I mentioned the six families we were assisting with Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas presents and Christmas dinner. The family doing our Christmas deliveries just left the church. I am sure the each of your churches has touching stories about similar situations. Here is our story.

Background information: Our church is located in rural Pierce County (south and east of Tacoma) in Washington State. There are MANY very poor families within a five mile radius of the church. The elementary school closest to the church has a high percentage of its students receiving free or reduced breakfasts and lunches. The school counselor made it known that there was help available for any family needing assistance for Thanksgiving or Christmas. We have six families we are assisted. Additionally, every family we are assisting has lost electrical power for many days due to the recent storms (one family still does not have power.).

We realize that while the families are only expecting Christmas dinner and a present or two. They are genuinely overwhelmed when they see what is being given to them. They have received the normal stuff for Christmas dinner: a ham, a smaller turkey and all of the fixings for a Christmas dinner. We also provide enough other food to feed the entire family for almost two weeks (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Tears openly flowed (bad English) as the food and presents were delivered. The parents were genuinely overwhelmed by the generosity of the folks at Evergreen.

A lot of churches provide a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner for the homeless. That’s great. I hope that churches continue to have that kind of ministry. What we do is a little different. The food we deliver will have a SIGNIFICANT impact on the health and well being of each family for almost two weeks. When school is back in session the kids will again be provided with good breakfasts and lunches by the State of Washington.

This is something your church may want to try. It has a powerful impact on the families that we assist (and on our delivery crews!).


At 6:35 AM , Blogger Quotidian Grace said...

Thanks for sharing this, Lance. I love the idea of bringing enough food to cover the 2 week school break for families that depend on the free breakfasts and lunches at school.


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