Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A time for Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving baskets just went out the front door of the church. We work through the counseling office at one of our closest elementary schools. The school sends out a notice concerning families that would not be able to afford to have a Thanksgiving dinner. Many of those responses are forwarded on to our church.

Last year, our regular “delivery” person was unable to deliver the Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets. Yours truly became the driver. Some families were very matter-of-fact about receiving the food and presents. I guess that is to be expected. Then there were those families who were in tears—they were VERY grateful. They couldn’t believe that people they had never met would go out of their way to provide a Thanksgiving dinner and then a Christmas dinner and presents just a few weeks later.

Serving as the “delivery” person reminded me of God’s grace. Those families did nothing to earn or deserve the food and the presents. Some families were in their current situation due to poor choices they had made. My heart was touched. Remember, there is nothing we can do to earn or deserve God’s forgiveness. Some of us may find ourselves in a mess that we caused. Yet, God has shown us love, grace and mercy in that while we were separated from him, he sent his son to pay the penalty for our sin. Some who hear the good new of Jesus are touched and their lives are changed forever. This transformation touches the heart of God.

This Thanksgiving, let us be thankful for God’s grace.


At 7:38 PM , Blogger Backwoods Presbyterian said...

Excellent Words for this Week. I have tried-unsuccessfully-for the past couple of years to move my home Church to do something similar. Any Advice?

At 9:56 AM , Anonymous Kyle said...

We host a small food bank also. It can be quite taxing. You really need to find some people in your Church that have a heart for collecting, sorting, and distributing the baskets. But also can communicate with local schools or food banks to find families out there that need assistance. Believe me there are more out there than you can guess. We contacted a counselor at a local elementary school and she informed us that 65% of their students were receiving State Assistance for lunches. We felt we could assist (with a congregation of around 100) about 14 families.
Make it fun. We have a contest between the Sunday School children's classes and our adult class to see who can bring in the most food (by weight). Start it at the end of September through October and you usually have enough food to donate for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Just some ideas. Good luck.


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