Wednesday, November 01, 2006

New Look and Prayer Updates

Here is the long-awaited new look of Full Court Presby! Over the next few weeks there may be other attempts to update the look of this blog. I love the “ajax” programming templates but have yet to find one in a color and style that I like. So remember… the “look” of this blog may change but the mission of this blog will ALWAYS be the same.

My pastoral calling always will take precedence over blogging. Many of you have prayed for people I have mentioned on the blog so here is an update on how people are doing.

Kate – pancreatic cancer: Kate is doing remarkably well. She is still visiting her son in another part of the state. When she returns our deacons are set to assist in any way possible. Hospice will be called in when she returns home. Her faith is strong.

Mylene – brain tumor: Mylene had brain surgery last week. The surgery went very well and they were able to remove most of the tumor. The tumor had started growing up through the skull, down into the brain and across the top of the brain and impacting the main blood supply vessel. Things went so well that she went home from the hospital the next day. She is confident that it was due to all of the prayers for her. It appears as though Mylene has two different kinds of cancer. She has cervical cancer and it appears as though the brain cancer is a different kind of cancer. So, radiation for the brain tumor and she will continue chemo for the cervical cancer.

Betty – colon cancer and lung cancer: Betty was in the hospital last week due to a severe reaction to chemo. It was her last chemo. She is now out of the hospital and doing well. In a few weeks there will probably be some tests to see if all of the cancer is gone.

Kent (my brother) – Kent was in a diabetic coma for 24 hours last week and almost didn’t make it. A combination of an infection, a reaction to medication and some other factors led to a blood sugar of over 800. They had never seen a person have a potassium level so low and still live. He is doing much better and could be going home from the hospital today.

The PCUSA may have its troubles—they are MANY. However, we cannot let the PCUSA’s struggles distract us from our calling a Christians and church leaders. We MUST share the good news of Jesus Christ. We need to worship the living God. We need to minister to those who are sick and hurting. We need to help those who cannot help themselves. We need to be the light of Christ to the world around us.


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